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i went to the woods

I went to the wood yesterday to walk, to pray, to cry, and to surrender all that was nagging at my bones and my spirit. I did not expect to photograph or pause–I needed to roam through creation until I could feel my spirit… Continue Reading “i went to the woods”

lessons learned: forgiveness like a tree

This morning in my quiet time with the Creator, I was gently reminded that I needed to stop focusing on patterns of the past and let them go.  I suggested surrender as the answer, and the Creator smiled and reminded me that in this… Continue Reading “lessons learned: forgiveness like a tree”

the gentle whispers of hope

Listen now to the gentle whispers of hope. ~Charles D. Brodhead Up behind our little farm, woods serve as a buffer from the neighborhood behind us.  Often I like to roam that small patch of trees just to discover what God has growing there.… Continue Reading “the gentle whispers of hope”