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Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese

It has become a meaningful tradition for me to return to this poem when I hear the first flock of Canadian geese making their way south in early autumn and home in early spring. As with any writing I read and re-read, I find… Continue Reading “Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese”

wild geese

This morning amidst the rustling trees and chattering hens, I heard them.  I can’t say that even in the distance they were quiet.  They flew over my head announcing a sign of what’s to come:  a change of season. I prayed for the same.  … Continue Reading “wild geese”

Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese

This morning as I traveled into work, I passed by a pond where Canadian geese often stop for a layover or take up residency for the winter.  As I approached, I noticed that the flock appeared to be glistening in the rising sun.  I… Continue Reading “Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese”