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Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese

It is tradition for me to read this poem on the first morning I hear the geese migrating for both winter and summer. Even though I primarily work remotely now, this is the first morning that I’ve heard them pass over my home. I’ve… Continue Reading “Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese”

Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese

It has become a meaningful tradition for me to return to this poem when I hear the first flock of Canadian geese making their way south in early autumn and home in early spring. As with any writing I read and re-read, I find… Continue Reading “Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese”

wild geese

This morning amidst the rustling trees and chattering hens, I heard them.  I can’t say that even in the distance they were quiet.  They flew over my head announcing a sign of what’s to come:  a change of season. I prayed for the same.  … Continue Reading “wild geese”

Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese

This morning as I traveled into work, I passed by a pond where Canadian geese often stop for a layover or take up residency for the winter.  As I approached, I noticed that the flock appeared to be glistening in the rising sun.  I… Continue Reading “Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese”

wild geese and ordinary miracles

Over the weekend, I heard one of my favorite noises–the honking of a flock of Canadian geese overhead.  I love that sound because for me, it signals the coming of Autumn.  As I watched them fly by, I stood in awe of all the… Continue Reading “wild geese and ordinary miracles”

Wendell Berry’s What We Need Is Here

Geese appear high over us, pass, and the sky closes. Abandon, as in love or sleep, holds them to their way, clear in the ancient faith: what we need is here. And we pray, not for new earth or heaven, but to be quiet… Continue Reading “Wendell Berry’s What We Need Is Here”

on geese and journeys

Most afternoons at work, I take the dogs for a stroll around the parking lots of adjoining offices.  While it is not my ideal “nature walk,” the area is surrounded by trees that are now dappled with the brilliant colors of autumn.  It does… Continue Reading “on geese and journeys”