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Recently, I have been sitting with Brokenness.  For a long time, however, I was afraid to acknowledge her presence because her cracks might allow someone to see the darkness buried deep inside.  And isn’t her sidekick, Wholeness, the friend we want to claim as… Continue Reading “brokenness”

Jan Richard’s healing blessing

These words found me last night, and for that, I am grateful. ~cameron And All Be Made Well A Healing Blessing That each ill be released from you and each sorrow be shed from you and each pain be made comfort for you and… Continue Reading “Jan Richard’s healing blessing”

blessings by Jan Richardson

This morning, I am delighted to find an email from Jan Richardson in my inbox with information about her new Women’s Christmas Retreat.  She notes that in Ireland and other places, Epiphany is celebrated by women as a day of rest, reflection and retreat… Continue Reading “blessings by Jan Richardson”

lessons learned: the mosaic of brokenness and wholeness

This coming Sunday, a dear friend and I will be co-leading a “Longest Night” service.  Designed for healing and peace, this worship opportunity is often offered on the longest night of the year, the night when Darkness wraps her arms around us and holds… Continue Reading “lessons learned: the mosaic of brokenness and wholeness”

lessons learned: dandelions and faith

This morning I came across this blessing in Jan Richardson’s book In the Sanctuary of Women.  “Rootedness” seems to be a theme in my life right now so I thought I would repost this meditation. May your roots go deep and deeper still into… Continue Reading “lessons learned: dandelions and faith”

lessons learned: brokenness like a mosaic

This past weekend, I was given the gift of a spiritual walk with God.  While it occurred within a community setting, the focus was on my own connection with my faith and how it shapes and reshapes who I am. A very powerful part… Continue Reading “lessons learned: brokenness like a mosaic”

lessons learned: dandelions and being rooted in faith

After spending Sunday afternoon engaged in quiet creation care, I thought I’d revisit this post this morning. Knowing yourself is to be rooted in Being, instead of lost in your mind. ~Eckhart Tolle Last week, we had some gentle rain showers which soaked the… Continue Reading “lessons learned: dandelions and being rooted in faith”