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Jan Richard’s healing blessing

These words found me last night, and for that, I am grateful. ~cameron And All Be Made Well A Healing Blessing That each ill be released from you and each sorrow be shed from you and each pain be made comfort for you and… Continue Reading “Jan Richard’s healing blessing”

a milestone to celebrate

Last year, I wrote this post on this date and reread it this morning as a reminder for my soul.  Five years post surgery in the world of cancer or illness is something to be celebrated with much joy.  I am also embracing this… Continue Reading “a milestone to celebrate”

affirmation for health and healing

A friend shared this one with me recently, and I have found it to be very life affirming.  I would like to add that he did note that he says “Love,” but that any spiritual reference could be substituted. Affirmation of Health I am… Continue Reading “affirmation for health and healing”