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the voices

This morning, I’ve had the gift of some alone time on the back porch as the world wakes up into Saturday. It did not take long for the birds to find the fresh food at the feeder and begin the lovely dance of taking… Continue Reading “the voices”

finding my voice

As a preteen, I was bullied by 2 boys at my private school.  A couple of female teachers told me repeatedly that they were just jealous of how smart I was.  The day I voiced my anger and desire for help, I was shamed… Continue Reading “finding my voice”

finding my voice

On Monday this week, I marched along with thousands of others in honor and memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The diversity of voices from inquisitive preschoolers to wise elders filled my ears with hope and love and justice. This morning,… Continue Reading “finding my voice”