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recipes: growing grace farm’s kale chips

I love to hear my child exclaim “Yay!” when I announce I am making kale chips.  As thin and crispy as regular chips, we love to make these in the summer time.  Different kale will offer you different texture–needless to say, the thinner the… Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s kale chips”

recipes: growing grace farm’s salted maple roasted root veggies

It is always good to revisit the recipes on your blog–I’ll be trying this one later this week! Oh, yeah!  What a great feeling to come home to a basket full of local root veggies waiting to be roasted on a cool autumn night. … Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s salted maple roasted root veggies”

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indoor mason jar seed starts-6 weeks

So this week, someone found the blog as she was searching for ideas on starting seeds in mason jars.  Well, she found the right place and asked for a follow up so here it is.  Thanks, Stephanie! Given all my kitchen deconstruction and reconstruction,… Continue Reading “indoor mason jar seed starts-6 weeks”

update to “seed starting Saturday”

Wow!  It’s amazing the difference a couple of weeks can make in the life of a small seed.  My table full of life continues to sprout and spread, germinate and grow.  I look forward to coming home each day and just basking in the… Continue Reading “update to “seed starting Saturday””

seed starting Saturday!

Every year in mid-February, I haul out the metal shelves and plastic seed starting kits, and begin preparing plants for Spring’s warm sun.  Not this year.  Given the lack of snow, I’ve grown weary of winter and needed to do something today to lift… Continue Reading “seed starting Saturday!”