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lessons learned: trucks, traffic and trust

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for work recently. I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, educate conference participants, and advocate for individuals with disabilities. I like people watching at airports and finding new parks to explore. I even don’t mind sleeping… Continue Reading “lessons learned: trucks, traffic and trust”

the things we carry: songs and sacred spaces

Message for Mary Sunday, contemplative service, December 2, 2018 This week, I have spent some time gazing at various artistic renderings of Mary and Elizabeth and Mary singing the Magnificat hoping to glean some insight as to what Mary was carrying with her in… Continue Reading “the things we carry: songs and sacred spaces”

lessons learned: of squirrels and tightropes

You’re taught at an early age, especially if you’re being raised by high-achieving perfectionist parents… you get on the tightrope and you hold your breath.  I was in my mid-thirties when I discovered that if you fall off the tightrope, it’s about a foot and… Continue Reading “lessons learned: of squirrels and tightropes”