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recipes: growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends

Even thought winter has ended, I am gearing up for a season of iced teas in mason jars out while lingering outside.  For a quick treat, I make them ahead, put in jars with lids then grab and go as needed–less expensive and healthier… Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends”

Spring at rest

There is something about cloudy, cool weather in the Spring that puts my soul at ease.  While others mourn the loss of the sunshine and the lower temps, I walk outside and feel Nature at rest.  I imagine it can be tiring being Spring,… Continue Reading “Spring at rest”

thrifty thursdays: mason jars part 2

So, if you don’t already know it, I’m in love with Mason jars.  Well, Mason jars and pallets, but that’s another blog post. (you can read it here).  I know we’ve already covered Mason jars once on Thrifty Thursday, (that blog post is here),… Continue Reading “thrifty thursdays: mason jars part 2”