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i went to the woods

I went to the wood yesterday to walk, to pray, to cry, and to surrender all that was nagging at my bones and my spirit. I did not expect to photograph or pause–I needed to roam through creation until I could feel my spirit… Continue Reading “i went to the woods”

lessons learned: thinning

Spring has been dragging her feet this year, but she has finally made it to our little farm.  Seeds that were started in the cold frame have nudged their way through warm dirt and burst forth in verdigris. It soothes my spirit to come… Continue Reading “lessons learned: thinning”

lessons learned: spiritual spring cleaning

On this first day of Spring, I’m reposting today as a reminder of the benefits of a good Spring cleaning–domestically and spiritually. ~cameron Some think it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes, it’s letting go.  ~Sylvia Robinson Last night, I was reading a… Continue Reading “lessons learned: spiritual spring cleaning”