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autumn rainbow

This  morning on the way to school, the sky took on an eerie shade of coral indicating an impending storm arriving behind a glorious sunrise.  It was so mesmerizing that I decided to skip the early arrival at work and head to a local… Continue Reading “autumn rainbow”

lessons learned: storms, trees, and being rooted in faith

I am sitting here at my kitchen table this morning peer out into the darkness.  The storm is coming, and the early morning sky remains a shade of violet blue.  All I see are dark silhouettes of trees gracefully swaying in the wind.  As… Continue Reading “lessons learned: storms, trees, and being rooted in faith”

recipe: easy gluten-free vegetarian chili

Since I’m gluten-free and don’t drink much milk, no milk-and-bread runs here before any potential snow storms.  My staples include homemade chili and/or soups, tea, and a warm blanket.  I doubt that Asheville will see much of an accumulation this go round, but there’s… Continue Reading “recipe: easy gluten-free vegetarian chili”