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starting your seeds

It’s that time!  Every winter I pull up this post with the hopes of inspiring some new yard gardeners or suburban farmers.  Always glad to collect any other ideas you may have so comment away! ~cameron Oh, where to begin?!  It’s the time of… Continue Reading “starting your seeds”

couldn’t get enough? starting seeds part 2

Just put together my Christmas gift to myself–a basic indoor greenhouse kit.  It’s small, but it’s one more step towards year round sustainability.  And so, I’m digging my hands into my seed packet organization box tonight and starting to plan what gets planted tomorrow… Continue Reading “couldn’t get enough? starting seeds part 2”

update on mason jar seed starts–3 months out

So back in late January, I got a wild hair to start seeds in all the extra mason jars I have filling up shelves.  If you’d like to follow the journey from the beginning, you can read here and here and here.  It’s been… Continue Reading “update on mason jar seed starts–3 months out”