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lessons learned: resting in the Spirit (World Mental Health Day, October 10)

I shared this sermon at our contemplative service a handful of years ago during Mental Health Awareness Month in the UMC (May). In honor of World Mental Health Day (October 10), I’m reposting.  ~cameron This week, I’ve been struck by the intermingling of mental… Continue Reading “lessons learned: resting in the Spirit (World Mental Health Day, October 10)”

your prayers

Dear Friends and Family, About seven months ago, Bob and I started planning for me to have a space apart as a studio, meditation room, and spiritual direction office.  After several twists and turns, we finally settled on a studio shed.  Bob and I… Continue Reading “your prayers”

lessons learned: bunnies and sacred space

Every spring, the bunnies come to visit the garden and see if by some chance, there’s a hole in the chicken wire big enough to access the greens.  Sadly, they are disappointed, but they hang around any way and give birth each Spring to… Continue Reading “lessons learned: bunnies and sacred space”

lessons learned: the gift of deep peace

Deep peace of the running wave to you. Deep peace of the flowing air to you. Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. Deep peace of the shining stars to you. Deep peace of the infinite peace to you. gaelic blessing This week,… Continue Reading “lessons learned: the gift of deep peace”

lessons learned: tickling the roots

Ok, Holy Spirit, once again you amaze me. I’m not sure if I’ve shared on this blog that I’ve resumed my yoga practice.  This time, it has been less about perfecting my form and more about getting into the corners of my body and… Continue Reading “lessons learned: tickling the roots”


Since my last spiritual direction session, I have been meditating on the word “stay.”  With much care by my spiritual director (who must have a secret hotline to the Holy Spirit), I was offered this word as a gift of sorts, and I have… Continue Reading “stay”

lessons learned: cedar waxwing and the grace of time

Yesterday as I was leaving work for my spiritual direction appointment, I noticed a sticky note on the front office door.  It suggested I proceed with caution so I slowly eased my way toward the outside only to spy a small bird standing in… Continue Reading “lessons learned: cedar waxwing and the grace of time”

prayer card: joy

As a part of my faith journey, I sometimes spend time meditating through art instead of writing.  My spiritual director introduced me to the concept of prayer cards a few years ago, and it has become one of my favorite spiritual practices.  I find… Continue Reading “prayer card: joy”

lessons learned: God’s thoughts on compost

This week, I spent time with my spiritual director.  She talks with me about my journey with the Creator and cultivates the relationship we have through sacred listening.  Her guidance has nurtured me in a way that supports my daily practices to integrate mind,… Continue Reading “lessons learned: God’s thoughts on compost”