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rainbow in the clouds

Many years ago, I had the honor of attending a talk by Dr. Maya Angelou at Mars Hill College near my hometown of Asheville.  My seat was near the back so there was no hope of seeing her facial expressions or appreciating the nuances… Continue Reading “rainbow in the clouds”

lessons learned: peaceful goats, peaceful spirit

After a challenging day yesterday, I left work in a flurry.  I was too early to meet my friend for dinner and did not want to sit in the parking lot of the restaurant–I needed to do something for my spirit.  Then it dawned… Continue Reading “lessons learned: peaceful goats, peaceful spirit”

lessons learned: bunnies and sacred space

Every spring, the bunnies come to visit the garden and see if by some chance, there’s a hole in the chicken wire big enough to access the greens.  Sadly, they are disappointed, but they hang around any way and give birth each Spring to… Continue Reading “lessons learned: bunnies and sacred space”