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lady wisdom

A few years ago, my devotion journal highlighted Proverbs 8, a lovely and insightful text about Lady Wisdom or Sophia. As Holy Wisdom, she personifies the female aspects of God, and in the Proverbs passage, we learn she has been around since Creation. I… Continue Reading “lady wisdom”

Lenten reflection: grow in grace

This past week, I mistakenly received an email from an organization asking for my volunteer support.  This happens now and again because there are several farms named “Grow in Grace.”  As Sophia would have it, some of my recent readings for my spiritual direction… Continue Reading “Lenten reflection: grow in grace”

from Joyce Rupp’s prayer, Listening to My Soul

Guardian of my Deepest Self, I need to be still, to listen not only to falling leaves and the gentle wind; I need to listen to my soul, too long neglected. . . Let me be still amid the beauty of the earth. Let… Continue Reading “from Joyce Rupp’s prayer, Listening to My Soul”