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Slow cookin’–Tex Mex Stew

At our office in the winter months, we have a “crock pot club” on Wednesdays for lunch.  If you sign up, you bring something that can be made in a crock pot and enough side items to feed the team.  And if you don’t… Continue Reading “Slow cookin’–Tex Mex Stew”

recipe: easy gluten-free vegetarian chili

Since I’m gluten-free and don’t drink much milk, no milk-and-bread runs here before any potential snow storms.  My staples include homemade chili and/or soups, tea, and a warm blanket.  I doubt that Asheville will see much of an accumulation this go round, but there’s… Continue Reading “recipe: easy gluten-free vegetarian chili”

recipe: soup stock

Thought I would repost this one with the potential for early snow and cold weather in the South.  Can never have enough too much soup stock on hand for autumn and winter months! Today, we are having our first snow of the winter–hard to… Continue Reading “recipe: soup stock”

growing grace farm’s honey cinnamon applesauce

Two years ago, we had an apple bumper crop.  I harvested buckets full of apples at my parents’ cabin and started making my own version of applesauce.  I’m not a fan of white sugar and fully appreciate the healing properties of honey so I… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s honey cinnamon applesauce”

apricot chicken and root veggies

Made this one up this morning so I imagine I’ll play around with it, but here’s the basic recipe for you to try.  Even my 13-year-old who has claimed to be disgusted by beets ate them without thinking twice. Ingredients: boneless, skinless chicken breasts… Continue Reading “apricot chicken and root veggies”

slowwww cooker + slowww Monday = happy family (and some good recipes too!)

In an effort to spend more time with my daughter and less time in the kitchen on Monday nights, I’ve gone back to using our Crock Pot.   Seems that if we can start “slow” on Monday nights, I can set a good tone for… Continue Reading “slowwww cooker + slowww Monday = happy family (and some good recipes too!)”