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rainy days got you down? ideas for gardeners on a rainy day

God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done.  ~Author Unknown It’s a cool, rainy  day here–the kind of weather that makes me want to lie on the couch and doze on and off, dreaming of warm, sunny days and veggies growing… Continue Reading “rainy days got you down? ideas for gardeners on a rainy day”

lessons learned: preparing the space

Yesterday at the grocery store, I was having a bit of trouble trying to talk with the person checking me out.  “Oh,” she noted, “as I get older, I have problems multitasking too.”  We laughed, and I responded that the more I grew into… Continue Reading “lessons learned: preparing the space”

holding a little piece of creation in your hands

This weekend, I will begin some indoor starts for spring and summer veggies and herbs.  It is quite possibly one of my favorite activities on this little farm, for it is humbling to hold a little piece creation in your hands and nurture the… Continue Reading “holding a little piece of creation in your hands”

10 ways to turn off the technology and turn on nature

With the advent of Spring, I thought this one might be appropriate to repost.  Happy Saturday~cameron So last night, our Just Be women’s group met at the community garden at church for a night of prayer, fellowship, and laughter.  We started this garden a… Continue Reading “10 ways to turn off the technology and turn on nature”

lessons learned: planting seeds and permission granted

Be gentle with yourself.  You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. ~Max Ehrmann One of my greatest pleasures is the first day I plant seeds in their jars.  It… Continue Reading “lessons learned: planting seeds and permission granted”

it’s never too early to start dreaming about seed starts

I just received my seeds for Spring and Summer 2014!  Hooray, what an evening of celebration!  I’ll be starting the seeds here in the next couple of weekends for some early vegetables.  I post this one every year as the beginning of a series… Continue Reading “it’s never too early to start dreaming about seed starts”

update on mason jar seed starts–3 months out

So back in late January, I got a wild hair to start seeds in all the extra mason jars I have filling up shelves.  If you’d like to follow the journey from the beginning, you can read here and here and here.  It’s been… Continue Reading “update on mason jar seed starts–3 months out”

taking a garden stroll: relaxation for the homesteader

It’s only a week after Spring Break, and I’m already dreaming of the sunny Saturday and Sunday that we are promised this weekend.  I went back and re-read this post to remind myself that I don’t have to wait for Spring Break to have… Continue Reading “taking a garden stroll: relaxation for the homesteader”

so you’ve started your seeds, now what?!

After I pressed two posts on starting seeds, I noticed the trend in lots of posts and pinterest pics focusing on seed starting.  Yep, we get excited about planting the seeds, knowing that one day they’ll become vegetables and fruit in our gardens, but… Continue Reading “so you’ve started your seeds, now what?!”

indoor mason jar seed starts-6 weeks

So this week, someone found the blog as she was searching for ideas on starting seeds in mason jars.  Well, she found the right place and asked for a follow up so here it is.  Thanks, Stephanie! Given all my kitchen deconstruction and reconstruction,… Continue Reading “indoor mason jar seed starts-6 weeks”

welcome, life!

update to “seed starting Saturday”

Wow!  It’s amazing the difference a couple of weeks can make in the life of a small seed.  My table full of life continues to sprout and spread, germinate and grow.  I look forward to coming home each day and just basking in the… Continue Reading “update to “seed starting Saturday””

seed starting Saturday!

Every year in mid-February, I haul out the metal shelves and plastic seed starting kits, and begin preparing plants for Spring’s warm sun.  Not this year.  Given the lack of snow, I’ve grown weary of winter and needed to do something today to lift… Continue Reading “seed starting Saturday!”

couldn’t get enough? starting seeds, part 2

Can’t repost part 1 without the follow-up. . . Ok, wow!  Thanks for all the blog hits on my starting seeds post last night.  You guys got me to thinking, and in hindsight, I realized that I’d left out some other great suggestions and… Continue Reading “couldn’t get enough? starting seeds, part 2”

it’s never too early to dream about starting seeds!

I posted this one late last February, but with some accidental pepper seeds sprouting and my new batch of seeds arriving, I’ve been dreaming of new gardens and tender shoots.  I know it’s a bit early in the winter, but I’m reposting this one. … Continue Reading “it’s never too early to dream about starting seeds!”


the gentle whispers of hope

Listen now to the gentle whispers of hope. ~Charles D. Brodhead Up behind our little farm, woods serve as a buffer from the neighborhood behind us.  Often I like to roam that small patch of trees just to discover what God has growing there.… Continue Reading “the gentle whispers of hope”

prayer peas and thoughts on love

Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.  ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732 Every year, I pick a new vegetable or fruit and attempt to grow it from seed to plant to food.  In spite of some great big failures (there’s just… Continue Reading “prayer peas and thoughts on love”

autumn seed planting

the gift of the seed planter

Nature herself does not distinguish between what seed it receives. It grows whatever seed is planted; this is the way life works. Be mindful of the seeds you plant today, as they will become the crop you harvest. ~Mary Morrissey Last night, I decided… Continue Reading “the gift of the seed planter”