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lessons learned: seed starts and waiting

If you read this blog occasionally, you know that one of my mantras is “just be.”  I find in life there are many lessons I learn around this simple but profound phrase, and typically, it is Nature that serves as my best educator. Last… Continue Reading “lessons learned: seed starts and waiting”

starting your seeds

It’s that time!  Every winter I pull up this post with the hopes of inspiring some new yard gardeners or suburban farmers.  Always glad to collect any other ideas you may have so comment away! ~cameron Oh, where to begin?!  It’s the time of… Continue Reading “starting your seeds”

lessons learned: thinking outside the box

Last night, I headed to the art room to spend some time creating  As I entered, I realized that I’d not checked on the seed starts that I’d planted a couple of weekends ago.  I unzipped the little mobile greenhouse and began caring for… Continue Reading “lessons learned: thinking outside the box”