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rainy days got you down? ideas for gardeners on a rainy day

It seems that we no longer have snow in winter where I live–Winter brings with her cold rain now, and for us natives, it is depressing.  I am taking measures to “work through” the impact of global warming on my home town, and some… Continue Reading “rainy days got you down? ideas for gardeners on a rainy day”

indoor mason jar seed starts-6 weeks

So this week, someone found the blog as she was searching for ideas on starting seeds in mason jars.  Well, she found the right place and asked for a follow up so here it is.  Thanks, Stephanie! Given all my kitchen deconstruction and reconstruction,… Continue Reading “indoor mason jar seed starts-6 weeks”

update to “seed starting Saturday”

Wow!  It’s amazing the difference a couple of weeks can make in the life of a small seed.  My table full of life continues to sprout and spread, germinate and grow.  I look forward to coming home each day and just basking in the… Continue Reading “update to “seed starting Saturday””