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seeking restoration

It has been quite some time since I have been actively engaged in a faith community. I have been seeking, wrestling, discerning, and waiting, and quite frankly, I have begun to describe myself as feeling hollow. Not “without the presence of God” hollow, but… Continue Reading “seeking restoration”


I’ve put the gardens to bed and shored up the chicken coop. I’ve stored the tools and stacked the pots behind the shed. I’ve left the last of the coneflower dead heads reaching toward the sky, in case finch and chickadee grow tired of… Continue Reading “wintering”

silent sabbath

As a part of the residency program I am attending, we spend a day and a half in a silent sabbath.  In my life, living into prayer is best experienced out in nature, and so I spent several hours throughout the day observing, listening,… Continue Reading “silent sabbath”