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Tagore’s A Moment’s Indulgence

This is the first opportunity I’ve made to sit and write for awhile.  It’s like coming home to an old friend, actually.  I’ve been missing her but have befriended some new practices that I have been hanging out with recently. Sometimes, I find myself… Continue Reading “Tagore’s A Moment’s Indulgence”

Jan Richard’s healing blessing

These words found me last night, and for that, I am grateful. ~cameron And All Be Made Well A Healing Blessing That each ill be released from you and each sorrow be shed from you and each pain be made comfort for you and… Continue Reading “Jan Richard’s healing blessing”

John S. Hoyland’s prayer~a pathway of peace

From this fog-bound Earth of ours We take refuge in you. O rest of our souls, Escaping like birds from a broken cage To the keen, clear air, and the sunny uplands Where you dwell, and with you Find release from meanness of spirit,… Continue Reading “John S. Hoyland’s prayer~a pathway of peace”