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Lessons learned: canning and prayer

I wrote this one several summers ago, and with the onset of canning season, I have returned to it this week.  I find that each summer I can, this prayer practice becomes enhanced with various nuances. With the renovation of our kitchen this past… Continue Reading “Lessons learned: canning and prayer”

Mary Oliver’s praying

This morning during my prayer and yoga time, I grew frustrated with myself.  I couldn’t focus, the words wouldn’t come, I felt blocked.  Seems that sometimes in trying too hard, I lose the purpose of prayer.  This poem helped me find my way back.… Continue Reading “Mary Oliver’s praying”

lessons learned: prayer peas and thoughts on love

As we enter the week of the fourth Advent candle, LOVE, I thought I’d go ahead and start posting or reposting some meditations on love to prepare our hearts, minds, and spirits.  I wrote this one almost 2 years ago, and it is still… Continue Reading “lessons learned: prayer peas and thoughts on love”