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recipes: growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends

Even thought winter has ended, I am gearing up for a season of iced teas in mason jars out while lingering outside.  For a quick treat, I make them ahead, put in jars with lids then grab and go as needed–less expensive and healthier… Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends”

recipes: growing grace farm’s sunshine bread

Having a bad cold weasel its way into the farm has left us a bit under the weather.  Needless to say, our juicer has been quite busy the past several days.  This afternoon as I pulled the catch container from behind the machine, I… Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s sunshine bread”

recipes: tea for two (growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends)

I have always been a tea girl, and I don’t mean that sweet sticky stuff Southerners drink.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am a native of the South, and I can’t imagine not having “sweet tea” as a part of our culture, but… Continue Reading “recipes: tea for two (growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends)”

recipes: cooking with cranberries

Last May, I happened to travel on some blue highways through Wisconsin.  There, I discovered a cranberry farm out in the middle of nowhere.  I’m thinking it was probably a mass production facility in disguise, but a girl can dream. Well, it got me… Continue Reading “recipes: cooking with cranberries”

nature’s crayons: oranges