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Slow cookin’–Tex Mex Stew

At our office in the winter months, we have a “crock pot club” on Wednesdays for lunch.  If you sign up, you bring something that can be made in a crock pot and enough side items to feed the team.  And if you don’t… Continue Reading “Slow cookin’–Tex Mex Stew”

growing grace farm’s salted maple roasted root veggies

Oh, yeah!  What a great feeling to come home to a basket full of local root veggies waiting to be roasted on a cool autumn night.  Forget the old stand by drizzle of olive oil and Italian herbs.  It’s time to open up the… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s salted maple roasted root veggies”

our new favorite greens recipe

I had a grandmother who didn’t cook with measuring cups and spoons; rather, cooking was like an art to her–part creativity, part experimentation.  Unfortunately, all her masterpieces died with her as she left no record of any of her recipes.  I’d rather leave some… Continue Reading “our new favorite greens recipe”