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morning song

oh, Morning, you couldn’t wait. Sometimes, you arrive as an unannounced visitor too early for me to greet you with a welcoming hug. But I join you anyway, with sleepy eyes and a cup of tea, my journal, a pen in hand, and shuffling… Continue Reading “morning song”

morning prayer

let the morning come let the sun rise slowly outside my window peeking through silhouettes of dark trees let the hummingbirds wake the world with chirps of delight let the rabbits scamper from the gardens their mouths full of fresh greens let the crickets… Continue Reading “morning prayer”

prayer for renewal

As I stretch up to the morning sun, Renew my body. As I pray for peace upon my lips, Renew my breath. As I gaze upon my winter gardens, Renew my spirit. As I enter into this new day, Renew my heart.   amen… Continue Reading “prayer for renewal”