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starting your seeds

It’s that time!  Every winter I pull up this post with the hopes of inspiring some new yard gardeners or suburban farmers.  Always glad to collect any other ideas you may have so comment away! ~cameron Oh, where to begin?!  It’s the time of… Continue Reading “starting your seeds”

recipes: growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends

Even thought winter has ended, I am gearing up for a season of iced teas in mason jars out while lingering outside.  For a quick treat, I make them ahead, put in jars with lids then grab and go as needed–less expensive and healthier… Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends”

thrifty thursdays: mason jars part 2

So, if you don’t already know it, I’m in love with Mason jars.  Well, Mason jars and pallets, but that’s another blog post.  I know we’ve already covered Mason jars once on Thrifty Thursday, (that blog post is here), but ol’ Mason and I… Continue Reading “thrifty thursdays: mason jars part 2”