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morning mantra

I’ve recently returned to some morning yoga and meditation prior to work.  One practice that I am relying on is focusing my body’s energy and healing to come from my heart and not my mind.  It is a challenge some days, but as I… Continue Reading “morning mantra”

let healing begin with me

As I age, I find that in spite of my best efforts, my body just doesn’t heal as quickly as it used to.  I even feel the leftover effects of falls or injuries or surgeries I’ve had in years past. My colleague at work… Continue Reading “let healing begin with me”

morning mantra: praying with Spirit

During my morning yoga sessions, I usually spend time emptying myself and just let the Spirit move within.  This morning, I found myself praying the mantra below. What was different about this time, however, was I heard two voices, my own and the Spirit’s. … Continue Reading “morning mantra: praying with Spirit”