welcoming Darkness to the table

This Advent season, I have been sitting with longtime companions, Darkness and Light.  As I grow in age, and perhaps wisdom, I've begun to appreciate the necessity of both.  I find that in Advent, we sometimes want to "hurry up" Darkness so we can arrive at the Light.  I'm learning how to sit at the … Continue reading welcoming Darkness to the table

bathing in autumn light

The weather here in Western North Carolina has finally felt like autumn this weekend.  I've been spoiled by work trips to Illinois and Maine earlier this season and have been waiting somewhat impatiently for it to cool off here in my hometown.  (Whoever said climate change doesn't exist never went trick or treating in WNC … Continue reading bathing in autumn light

lessons learned: paperwhites and epiphany

Today is Epiphany in the Christian church calendar.  It marks the journey of the Magi to the Christ child and celebrates God being revealed to us as Jesus--coming into the world to experience both darkness and light just as we do and sharing the message of love, grace, justice and mercy. I wrote this this … Continue reading lessons learned: paperwhites and epiphany