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Easy fruit lemonades

Aahh, the weekend before exams, and my daughter has sequestered herself in her room for the better part of it.  What better way to remind her that summer is around the corner than to make her a mid-afternoon treat of blueberry lemonade. I have… Continue Reading “Easy fruit lemonades”

blueberry lavender jam: a taste of summer

So, I’ve had some requests for the blueberry lavender jam recipe I mentioned in the “we’re jammin’” blog post.  Just a note for those who are new to the blog–I don’t really use measuring cups or spoons so I will estimate best as I… Continue Reading “blueberry lavender jam: a taste of summer”

recipes: tea for two (growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends)

I have always been a tea girl, and I don’t mean that sweet sticky stuff Southerners drink.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am a native of the South, and I can’t imagine not having “sweet tea” as a part of our culture, but… Continue Reading “recipes: tea for two (growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends)”