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Anne Hillman’s We look with uncertainty

This morning, I was drawn into an article by Parker Palmer at the On Being with Krista Tippett website.  This poem was included, and it resonates with me in this season of my life. I encourage you to visit the website and read the… Continue Reading “Anne Hillman’s We look with uncertainty”

the value of keeping quiet

This past Sunday, my morning message at the contemplative service focused on the scripture of Mary and Martha, two women who shared their hospitality with Jesus in two very different ways–Marth, just doing and Mary, just being.  [for the text, you can read here]… Continue Reading “the value of keeping quiet”

lilies in the leaves

In spite of Winter’s last sigh of snow on Wednesday, Spring has gracefully swept into the farm this weekend, greeting us with chirping robins and cheerful daffodils.  The perennial flower beds, filled with leaves, are showing signs of life.  Green shoots of lilies, iris,… Continue Reading “lilies in the leaves”