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A Psalm of sacred space

When the world becomes a busy placeand I need to reconnect with you,I go to my sanctuary,my kitchen,and there I find you at my table.You are my Holy Homesteader,the one who keeps me company as Iarrange the flowers,wash the vegetables,can the jam,trim the herbs,sweeten… Continue Reading “A Psalm of sacred space”

thrifty thursdays: mason jars part 2

So, if you don’t already know it, I’m in love with Mason jars.  Well, Mason jars and pallets, but that’s another blog post.  I know we’ve already covered Mason jars once on Thrifty Thursday, (that blog post is here), but ol’ Mason and I… Continue Reading “thrifty thursdays: mason jars part 2”

slow food

It would be simple to define “slow food” as “the opposite of fast food” or “food that is cooked slowly.”  I prefer, however, to think of slow food as food that has not only been prepared slowly but also cultivated slowly–food that has taken… Continue Reading “slow food”

lessons learned: baking with my daughter

As I am sitting with the word “joy” this week, I have been reflecting on what brings me great joy in my life.  Joy as in uninhibited happiness.  The kind of joy that helps you put challenges in perspective and reminds you of what… Continue Reading “lessons learned: baking with my daughter”

lessons learned: you gotta deconstruct to reconstruct

Yesterday, I began the process of deconstructing my kitchen.  Having your refrigerator die the week before Christmas will do that to a homesteader.  It’s not just enough to move the old one out and pop a new one in–I figure I should take advantage… Continue Reading “lessons learned: you gotta deconstruct to reconstruct”

a homesteader’s kitchen table during the holidays

recipe: soup stock

Thought I would repost this one with the potential for early snow and cold weather in the South.  Can never have enough too much soup stock on hand for autumn and winter months! Today, we are having our first snow of the winter–hard to… Continue Reading “recipe: soup stock”