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lessons learned: bunnies and sacred space

Every spring, the bunnies come to visit the garden and see if by some chance, there’s a hole in the chicken wire big enough to access the greens.  Sadly, they are disappointed, but they hang around any way and give birth each Spring to… Continue Reading “lessons learned: bunnies and sacred space”

the spirit of the season

Every year since this act of kindness occurred, I post it in my social media.   I don’t cut and paste the story because retelling it each year grounds me and reminds me who we are called to be, not just in December but all… Continue Reading “the spirit of the season”

our little LuLu

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~attributed to Plato but documented as being written by Ian Mclaren, pseudonym of Rev. John Watson (1850-1907) This morning as I got the dogs out of the car, I paused to rub LuLu’s… Continue Reading “our little LuLu”