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Joyce Rupp’s Changing the Landscape

As part of my own Lenten study time this season, I have been reading My Soul Feels Lean: Poems of Loss and Restoration by Joyce Rupp.   Thank goodness for this poet of the spirit, for this singer of human psalms.  I have especially appreciated… Continue Reading “Joyce Rupp’s Changing the Landscape”

wise words from Joyce Rupp

If I wait to be perfect before I love myself I will always be unsatisfied and ungrateful if I wait until all the flaws, chips, and cracks disappear I will be the cup that stands on the shelf and is never used. ~Joyce Rupp

from Joyce Rupp’s prayer, Listening to My Soul

Guardian of my Deepest Self, I need to be still, to listen not only to falling leaves and the gentle wind; I need to listen to my soul, too long neglected. . . Let me be still amid the beauty of the earth. Let… Continue Reading “from Joyce Rupp’s prayer, Listening to My Soul”