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growing grace farm’s ginger peach jam~a tribute to my Pop

Today would have been my grandfather’s 108th birthday.  God love him~he lived until he was 99 3/4 and died peacefully while eating his second dessert.  We could all be so lucky. This time of year, I grieve his loss as he was the man… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s ginger peach jam~a tribute to my Pop”

a southerner’s tale of her ginger peach jam

Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it. ~Alice Walker Once upon a time there was a little girl who, every summer, was surrounded by peaches.  That was a delight… Continue Reading “a southerner’s tale of her ginger peach jam”

blueberry lavender jam: a taste of summer

So, I’ve had some requests for the blueberry lavender jam recipe I mentioned in the “we’re jammin’” blog post.  Just a note for those who are new to the blog–I don’t really use measuring cups or spoons so I will estimate best as I… Continue Reading “blueberry lavender jam: a taste of summer”

homesteading: growing grace farm’s candied ginger

Recently, I came home with a bag of dark chocolate covered coconut chews from the local healthy grocery store.  When I took my first bite, my tongue was hit with a zing of ginger.  Somehow, pieces of chocolate covered ginger had been mixed in… Continue Reading “homesteading: growing grace farm’s candied ginger”

feeling hot-hot-hot: harvesting the jalapeno peppers

When my jalapeno plants became so heavy with peppers that they keeled over, I knew it was time to harvest.  With only 3 leggy bushes, I ended up with close to 60 emerald green spicy treats.  After putting a few aside for my spicy… Continue Reading “feeling hot-hot-hot: harvesting the jalapeno peppers”