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growing grace farm’s cinnamon honey applesauce

You know Mother Nature, she is bountiful one season then rests the next.  Last year, we had not a one apple on any of the trees on our family property.  This year, however, we were able to gather three cloth grocery bags full in… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s cinnamon honey applesauce”

growing grace farm’s honey citrus slaw

I love me a good fish taco.  Seriously, I have tried fish tacos from the coast of SC to TX, and from FL all the way to WI.  What I have found that makes or breaks a good fish taco (besides the freshness of… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s honey citrus slaw”

recipes: tea for two (growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends)

I have always been a tea girl, and I don’t mean that sweet sticky stuff Southerners drink.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am a native of the South, and I can’t imagine not having “sweet tea” as a part of our culture, but… Continue Reading “recipes: tea for two (growing grace farm’s favorite tea blends)”