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lessons learned: holy hummingbirds

Often, I share with people this bit of advice from the spiritual direction world–it if happens at least 3 times, then it’s probably the Holy Spirit trying to tell you something. Most of us look to big signs or burning bushes to relay those… Continue Reading “lessons learned: holy hummingbirds”

sermon: hope springs eternal (expecting the unexpected)

I wrote this sermon at 4pm yesterday and shared its message this morning.  It was not my original sermon, but when the Holy Spirit moves, you know it’s not an option to ignore it–even if it is 4pm the day before your Sunday to… Continue Reading “sermon: hope springs eternal (expecting the unexpected)”

lessons learned: bunnies and sacred space

Every spring, the bunnies come to visit the garden and see if by some chance, there’s a hole in the chicken wire big enough to access the greens.  Sadly, they are disappointed, but they hang around any way and give birth each Spring to… Continue Reading “lessons learned: bunnies and sacred space”

blessings by Jan Richardson

This morning, I am delighted to find an email from Jan Richardson in my inbox with information about her new Women’s Christmas Retreat.  She notes that in Ireland and other places, Epiphany is celebrated by women as a day of rest, reflection and retreat… Continue Reading “blessings by Jan Richardson”

prayer card: joy

As a part of my faith journey, I sometimes spend time meditating through art instead of writing.  My spiritual director introduced me to the concept of prayer cards a few years ago, and it has become one of my favorite spiritual practices.  I find… Continue Reading “prayer card: joy”

lessons learned: the little mushroom that could

Outside the office where I work, we have an area shaded by pine trees.  After days of rain or humidity, the conditions become ripe for outcroppings of bright yellow and white polka-dotted mushrooms.  It can actually be quite magical to witness these large fungi… Continue Reading “lessons learned: the little mushroom that could”


Since my last spiritual direction session, I have been meditating on the word “stay.”  With much care by my spiritual director (who must have a secret hotline to the Holy Spirit), I was offered this word as a gift of sorts, and I have… Continue Reading “stay”