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lessons learned: baking with my daughter

As I am sitting with the word “joy” this week, I have been reflecting on what brings me great joy in my life.  Joy as in uninhibited happiness.  The kind of joy that helps you put challenges in perspective and reminds you of what… Continue Reading “lessons learned: baking with my daughter”

growing grace farm’s best.fudge.evah!

My daughter came up with this one last year, and given that it’s the holiday season, I thought I’d repost. So my daughter who does not like sweets decided that she wanted to make fudge this holiday season.  The extent of fudge making I’ve… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s best.fudge.evah!”

my new favorite: growing grace farm’s tribute to Chocolat

So, there are very few treats I can delight in during the holiday season since I am basically grain and nut free.  Tonight, I had a craving for something a little sweet and just happened to have the fixins for this delight in our… Continue Reading “my new favorite: growing grace farm’s tribute to Chocolat”