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lessons learned: the gift of the longest hike

As mothers and daughters choreograph a new dance for the teen years, they often end up stepping on each other’s toes or hoping another partner will break in and redirect them to a new spot on the dance floor.  For my daughter and me,… Continue Reading “lessons learned: the gift of the longest hike”

lessons learned: finding joy amidst the clouds

In the past couple of years, my daughter (who typically does not choose to be outdoors) has been encouraging us to go hiking on the weekends.  Be still my heart!  When she was a baby, we used to put her in the Kelty backpack… Continue Reading “lessons learned: finding joy amidst the clouds”

hike to Mt. Pisgah

hike to Craggy Pinnacle

I grew up hiking this trail with my family, and today, my daughter and I had a memorable day doing the same. Nature has a way of connecting us very differently than other activities, and for that gift, I am grateful.

lesson learned from a spider web

Several weeks ago, I decided to go for a drive up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was delightful to have time all to myself, explore what I wanted to explore and take paths less traveled.  Although it was hot and humid in the… Continue Reading “lesson learned from a spider web”