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freezing herbs for a taste of summer all year round

Every autumn, I make a lot of pesto with my sweet basil and put it up to freeze.  This year, I’ll be freezing fresh basils and oregano as well for soups and such in the winter. Before freezing herbs, there’s some prep work that… Continue Reading “freezing herbs for a taste of summer all year round”

end-of-summer rainbow salad

I posted this one last Labor Day weekend and came across it the other day.   A great change I made to the recipe was marinating finely cubed yellow squash and zucchini in balsamic vinegar for a day before adding to the salad.  Oh my! … Continue Reading “end-of-summer rainbow salad”

small suburban farming–it can be done!

In the South, Mother’s Day is not only a day to celebrate the women we cherish, but it is also the day we  farmers and gardeners stop holding our breath and put out the most delicate of summer veggie starts.  So, tonight I sat… Continue Reading “small suburban farming–it can be done!”