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lessons learned: at the heart of it

When my sister and I were little, our mother would surprise us by serving an artichoke with our dinner. We found it magical to peel away the layers, scraping them with our teeth and savoring the small bit of goodness at the end of… Continue Reading “lessons learned: at the heart of it”

rainbow in the clouds

Many years ago, I had the honor of attending a talk by Dr. Maya Angelou at Mars Hill College near my hometown of Asheville.  My seat was near the back so there was no hope of seeing her facial expressions or appreciating the nuances… Continue Reading “rainbow in the clouds”

morning mantra

I’ve recently returned to some morning yoga and meditation prior to work.  One practice that I am relying on is focusing my body’s energy and healing to come from my heart and not my mind.  It is a challenge some days, but as I… Continue Reading “morning mantra”