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lessons learned: the apricot tree

The season of my separation from my ex-husband, the movie Under the Tuscan Sun had just been released on DVD.  I acquired a copy and probably wore it out in the first year following this life transition. On so many levels, the film seemed to… Continue Reading “lessons learned: the apricot tree”

Lenten reflection: bringing the gardens to light

In spite of a busy weekend, I managed to put aside a couple of hours on the warm Saturday afternoon and started cleaning out flower beds.  As I surveyed my scratched up arms and legs this morning, this blog post came to mind from… Continue Reading “Lenten reflection: bringing the gardens to light”

Lenten meditation: when light falls on the creeping

With an unexpected warm day yesterday, I spent some time puttering around my front flower beds after dinner. In the garden directly in front of my house, I have a large blue ceramic planter that has become home to many bulbs and perennials. Last… Continue Reading “Lenten meditation: when light falls on the creeping”

lessons learned: weathered spirits

Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before. ~William Butler Yeats This cloudy morning, I took the dogs outside for a walk around the chilly farm.  As they wandered through the leaves, I… Continue Reading “lessons learned: weathered spirits”

lessons learned: on mint and gumption

Reposting this one as two opportunities for reflection this week reminded me why I cherish the word “gumption.”   This morning on my brief stroll to pick kale for the chickens, I glanced around the veggie beds.  How empty everything seems, even with greens… Continue Reading “lessons learned: on mint and gumption”

lessons learned: the journey of mid-life

In the past few years, I have spent much time discerning who I am on this journey.  I am traveling down the path of mid-life which has caused me to reflect on where I’ve come from, where I am, and where I’ll go.  Some… Continue Reading “lessons learned: the journey of mid-life”