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lessons learned: fixer-uppers, mental lists, and peace within

Tomorrow, a dear friend and I will be facilitating a women’s retreat at my little homestead.  I am so excited to host my first workshop since we remodeled our home and revamped the gardens, and yet, last night, I sat in my kitchen looking… Continue Reading “lessons learned: fixer-uppers, mental lists, and peace within”

gentle gardeners and creation care

For much of the last century, religious institutions have missed–or ignored–our responsibility as stewards of the creation and to the Creator.  However, people of faith have long relished the grimy pleasures of gardening.  The process of nurturing life brings contentment and a sense of… Continue Reading “gentle gardeners and creation care”

thanksgiving for unknown gifts

For Unknown Gifts Thank you for what we might one day be lucky enough to see, hear, smell, taste and touch for the first time. ~Modern thanksgiving from Warsaw, Poland Some days I know my farm like the back of my hand.  I can… Continue Reading “thanksgiving for unknown gifts”