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“When I entered the cave hoping for a glimpse of celestial brightness, it never occurred to me that it might be so small. But here it is, not much bigger than a mustard seed—everything I need to remember how much my set ideas get… Continue Reading “”

the psalm of hope

I wrote this psalm several months ago when I found myself questioning God about why certain events had come to pass–events that seemed to benefit the oppressors and create suffering among the oppressed.  During that time, I turned to the psalms in the Bible… Continue Reading “the psalm of hope”

the season of sabbatical

A new season has come to visit the farm.   I knew the visit was impending, but life kept me busy, and quite honestly, I was in denial about her coming.  I mean, who wants to stop and clean house when there are tomatoes… Continue Reading “the season of sabbatical”

wisdom in the wilderness

This morning, I came across this post from last year and felt it ring true with my spirit.  I’m reposting it here today as a reminder to myself that there is wisdom in the wilderness.   Wilderness is not just a place; it is… Continue Reading “wisdom in the wilderness”

sermon: hope springs eternal (expecting the unexpected)

I wrote this sermon at 4pm yesterday and shared its message this morning.  It was not my original sermon, but when the Holy Spirit moves, you know it’s not an option to ignore it–even if it is 4pm the day before your Sunday to… Continue Reading “sermon: hope springs eternal (expecting the unexpected)”


Some days when the scars in my soul remind me they are there, I go out into creation and just be with my God.  I am reminded that there is beauty in each and every living thing, even myself.

contemplative worship: pray your prayer

Elements from today’s Sanctuary service at Skyland UMC: Opening Meditation: My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. nor do I really know… Continue Reading “contemplative worship: pray your prayer”

lessons learned: peaceful goats, peaceful spirit

After a challenging day yesterday, I left work in a flurry.  I was too early to meet my friend for dinner and did not want to sit in the parking lot of the restaurant–I needed to do something for my spirit.  Then it dawned… Continue Reading “lessons learned: peaceful goats, peaceful spirit”

lessons learned: in the wilderness

Wilderness is not just a place; it is also a state of being.  If happiness means being happy and sadness means being sad, then wilderness means being wilder.  Look it up, and you’ll find that the primary meaning of wild is “natural.” In turn,… Continue Reading “lessons learned: in the wilderness”