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meditation card: welcome to my farm

When I was in my “farm dreaming” stage, I sat at my kitchen table one day trying to determine why it was I felt so blue.  I sat in the quiet and just listened to my heart and my spirit.  Afterwards, I started thumbing… Continue Reading “meditation card: welcome to my farm”

appalachian sustainable agriculture project farm tour today

Wonderful afternoon for a farm tour. Want to learn more about ASAP?  check ’em out  http://www.asapconnections.org/

lessons learned: fence posts, hard work, and things that matter

In his view, we were already a success, because we were doing something hard and it was something that mattered to us. You don’t measure things like that with words like success or failure, he said. Satisfaction comes from trying hard things and then… Continue Reading “lessons learned: fence posts, hard work, and things that matter”