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Several years ago, I bought my first kitchen table.  My parents had given me another when I was in college which served its purpose lovingly for many years.  But something about starting a new family with my daughter and this little farm made me… Continue Reading “table”

what the Muppets teach us about Advent

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the annual viewing of The Muppet Christmas Carol.  I have loved the Muppets since childhood, and as an adult, I came to appreciate the gentle lessons they teach us about life.  Through humor, word, and deed, they… Continue Reading “what the Muppets teach us about Advent”

a new sense of home: gratitude, grace, and growth

Through the gift of grace and family and friends, my daughter and I are in the process of remodeling our home.  In years past, I might have said “house” as the clutter of stuff and shadows of memories seemed to create a bit of… Continue Reading “a new sense of home: gratitude, grace, and growth”