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seeking restoration

It has been quite some time since I have been actively engaged in a faith community. I have been seeking, wrestling, discerning, and waiting, and quite frankly, I have begun to describe myself as feeling hollow. Not “without the presence of God” hollow, but… Continue Reading “seeking restoration”

give up and give on–lessons learned from Lent

This morning, a friend of mine posted a link on her facebook wall to a “Reverse Lent Challenge.”  The subhead noted, “Don’t give something up.  Take something on.” In her comment section, others had noted that “giving on” was more their speed than “giving… Continue Reading “give up and give on–lessons learned from Lent”

Lenten discernment

In the opening narrative of her chapter on Harriet Powers in the book In the Sanctuary of Women, Jan Richardson asks, “What does God the Creator desire to make known in the world through the work of our hands?” As I sat in the… Continue Reading “Lenten discernment”

the long way ’round

Recently, I have been savoring the book In the Sanctuary of Women by Jan Richardson.  If you do not know her work, please visit her website.  You will not be disappointed! During my time away in Wisconsin, I spent several snowy evenings sitting in… Continue Reading “the long way ’round”

lessons learned: what peas, greens, and teens can teach us about prosperity

Today is New Year’s Day which means if you stand downwind of the Southern US, you will breathe in the aromas of black eyed peas and greens as they simmer on stove tops.  For as long as I can remember, we have eaten both… Continue Reading “lessons learned: what peas, greens, and teens can teach us about prosperity”

lessons learned: roots and shoots

After we finally had a break from the hard, cold rain we’ve had recently, I went out to inspect the winter vegetables.  This time of year, one of my gardening joys is walking through the beds and seeing the green shoots poking through the… Continue Reading “lessons learned: roots and shoots”