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lessons learned: peaceful goats, peaceful spirit

As many of you know, I raise chickens–only a few at a time–and they have taught me many lessons about friendship, joy, loss and tenderness.  I dream, however, of adding goats to our fold one day, and while now is not the time, I… Continue Reading “lessons learned: peaceful goats, peaceful spirit”

dirty knees? yes, please!

I posted this one last Easter and pulled it out today as a reminder of why it is necessary to my spirit and wellbeing to sink my hands into the dirt daily.  As for Daisy, she is resting in peace under favorite tree, nourishing… Continue Reading “dirty knees? yes, please!”

prayer for re-creation

Compassionate Creator, Set me among these hills in the grass. Fill my spirit with the songs of birds and the whispers of wind. Let the tears flow warmly and silently, tempting my tongue with salty kiss, Then turn me loose from this sorrow releasing… Continue Reading “prayer for re-creation”