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lessons learned: lightening the load

In autumn, my daughter came home from a friend’s house and announced she wanted a bedroom downstairs.  I have learned with teens that you don’t oblige too readily, or they forget that it was their idea and quickly withdraw the request.  Secretly, I was… Continue Reading “lessons learned: lightening the load”

lessons learned: taking out the trash

On Saturday, I decided to “get ‘er done” and clean up around here.  The holidays and illness had taken a toll, but after several hours, I’d managed to restore our house to a home again. As dusk appeared on the horizon, I stepped onto… Continue Reading “lessons learned: taking out the trash”

get ‘er done

I am sitting here in my living room and avoiding looking around at what awaits me once this blog post is finished.  The weeks leading up to Christmas were filled with homesteading, crafting, a sinus infection and 2 bad colds.  Needless to say,our little… Continue Reading “get ‘er done”