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growing grace farm’s cinnamon honey applesauce

You know Mother Nature, she is bountiful one season then rests the next.  Last year, we had not a one apple on any of the trees on our family property.  This year, however, we were able to gather three cloth grocery bags full in… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s cinnamon honey applesauce”

my “new favorites” in the kitchen

This past year, I searched for new additions to my cooking staples to liven up the limited diet I can consume. Rather than being frustrated by it, I considered it to be an endeavor, one that required much taste-testing and creativity.  I thought I’d… Continue Reading “my “new favorites” in the kitchen”

recipe: gluten free sweet potatoes and topping

Yumm!  I just made this one up in the kitchen and couldn’t wait to share.  This recipe made a 9×13 pan full.  BTW–gluten free doesn’t always mean “healthy,” but it’s nice to indulge once in awhile! Growing Grace Farm’s Gluten Free Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes… Continue Reading “recipe: gluten free sweet potatoes and topping”

growing grace farm’s honey cinnamon applesauce

Two years ago, we had an apple bumper crop.  I harvested buckets full of apples at my parents’ cabin and started making my own version of applesauce.  I’m not a fan of white sugar and fully appreciate the healing properties of honey so I… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s honey cinnamon applesauce”