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the gentle whispers of hope

For many people of faith, the time between November and January includes many different spiritual traditions and holidays.  While I am Christian, my approach during this season is to include themes that are embraced by many faith traditions.  It has always been my prayer… Continue Reading “the gentle whispers of hope”

prayers and blessings of remembrance for this day

I have spent some time this morning meditating on prayers that have been written over the years with regard to 9/11.  I am so grateful to have found one website in particular that memorialized the 10th anniversary with a page of prayers and blessings… Continue Reading “prayers and blessings of remembrance for this day”

quotes: meditating on hope

In the Christian faith tradition, we have begun to celebrate Advent.  The word “advent” means “the arrival” or “coming into view,” and for us, it is the arrival of a small baby, the Son of God.  During this season, we lift up four four… Continue Reading “quotes: meditating on hope”