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growing grace farm’s Mediterranean chicken

The other day, I managed to find the last jar of dried Roma tomatoes pushed to the back of the top shelf.  What a gift!  Even though I am trying to be conservative in my usage (it will be another couple of months before… Continue Reading “growing grace farm’s Mediterranean chicken”

recipes: turmeric chicken and root veggie stew

With all this lovely cold rainy January weather, I’m back to my old favorites for lunch so thought I’d repost a few.  I created this one last year and have actually made it on several occasions without the chicken this year–the veggies are so… Continue Reading “recipes: turmeric chicken and root veggie stew”

recipes: growing grace farm’s mediterranean chicken

This week, I’ve been craving Greek food, and I don’t mean gyros.  I’ve been longing to cook something healthy and delicious in spite of busy schedules and house renovations.  And so tonight, even though we had to leave for my daughter’s chorus performance at… Continue Reading “recipes: growing grace farm’s mediterranean chicken”